Saturday, February 11, 2012

Old Sweater, New Life... Leg Warmers

Well it is no secret that my blog came to a halt a few months ago. Family CHANGES, schooling, and lil man's health all had roles. Thanksgiving was the day that things came to a turn and I found myself a week later moving out into a new apt with just me and my lil man. So it was only natural that I refocus my energy on making sure he would adjust the best he could, and that I wouldn't lose my head. Well, I am still here- just with some changes in my life. One other big change was me deciding that I no longer wanted to pursue a degree in teaching. 

I LOVE to create and in my opinion that is very limited in the classroom {at least at the schools I have observed and worked in}. So for now I sit in an Arts & Humanities degree with a minor in Literature as I decide what is the best route to pursue my career desires {changing schools or wrapping up my undergrad and jumping right into my MA}. 
But enough about all that! 

I wanna talk winter loves. Winter time usually means snow around here. Snow, hot cocoa, scarves, hats, boots, and leg warmers! Well the snow has been few and far between this winter... but it started snowing last night, so I decided today me and lil man would chill out at home. Then I stumbled upon a cute blog, and after pinning a few of her creations I decided to make a couple pairs of leg warmers, b/c she rocked the ones she made!
{HERE is her post}. 

I am not a hoarder, in fact when we moved I made sure to trash and donate as much as I could.  BUT my one weakness is old clothes of mine. So I went through and found a few sweaters, and then pulled out some ribbon I had in my scraps chest. I put on a stupid and sappy movie, while lil man played with his Legos, and threw these together.

I am in LOVE with these, especially the pink ones! 

It's good to be back, and while I may not be posting as much, I am going to get back to this love of mine!

<3 T