Thursday, April 21, 2011

T-Shirt Flower with Necklace

I first want to take a moment to say how proud I am of my husband for sticking through school. It is hard to retire, but harder when it was a complete way of life {soldier} and an injury forces you to move on. But he felt God's calling on him, went back to finish up his degree {in Dec, but will walk in May}, now working on his master's... and then on Palm Sunday he was ORDAINED! I am so thankful to God for seeing us through and am praying for the right door to open up for him, for us, in a church and ministry where he will be called to pastor.
Moving on... Classes are wrapping up, here on my college campus, so I have been a little absentee on my blog for the past week... but I have still been trying NEW things to keep me sane! lol
I had recently made a couple t-shirt necklaces {the no sew way} and loved them... there are so many posts and videos out there {different ways to make them, etc}. All I needed was T-SHIRT {I got a lot of free ones on campus last semester that I hardly wore and the colors still looked new} and a pair of scissors {I used my B&D electric scissors}.
I cut them in STRIPS from one side to the other, so that the strip was fully attached to itself and I would NOT have to sew it. I cut them in various widths because that is just how I roll, but nothing more than 1 inch thick. And then holding them with my hands in each end, I STRETCHED them out so that each piece kinda rolled. It was a good stress reliever. {haha}

And you can totally wear it just like that, wrap it 2x like a cowl, or do like I did and dress it up with a t-shirt NO-SEW flower! I was feeling that I could at least dress up one.... So I went to researching various no-sew material flowers... where I stumbled across the HANNAH flower by Craft Snob. 

All I needed was that same old t-shirt, scissors {electric for me}, and my handy-dandy hot glue gun.

Basically I did just like I did with the t-shirt necklace; but... I made one strip about 3 inches thick. After I cut it is was fully attached, so I cut it to make it into a longer strip. I twisted it into one long strand and then I folded the TWISTED fabric in half and twisted again {not too tight now}. Then starting that the cut side of the twisted fabric I used the hot glue gun to keep my center in place and wrapped the material around itself, gluing as needed, until I was just out of material and then I glued on that last part with a little underneath {you can see Craft Snob's pic tutorial to get a better look}.

To attached to my T-SHIRT NECKLACE I just picked a spot on the necklace and grouped each strand together. I cut a "band-aide" type strip from the same t-shirt. Then I glued the flower on the necklace strands {I used my thumb underneath to make my flower have a curve, rather than lay flat}. And then, for the underneath, I just glued on my little strip and cut off any excess so that it had a finished look.

I even made a headband one with the same material AND have material left {of course it was a large t-shirt}. lol It was fun, super easy, and I want to make more after classes wrap up in TWO MORE WEEKS!!!!  {woot}

I loved making the FLOWERS, just to make them {hahaha}. More and more I am jumping on the flower craze... my next plan involves shoes. ;)

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  1. I love this idea! My favorite projects are quick and easy and cheap! SOOO...
    I'm launching my first linky party next tuesday. It's for projects that cost less than $10 and take less than 20-30 minutes. Would you consider linking up with me on my first linky party endeavor? Thanks!

  2. I have really been out of it lately... classes just wrapped up with my last final today, so I apologize for missing your first party. BUT I will pay you a visit and look for your next one. I hope it went off good! :D


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