Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monsters That Say Boo!

me and my littlest of men :)
I am so glad it's fall now... and I was sooooo hoping school would slow down but no, I have a dozen projects, BIG PROJECTS, all due within the month. SHOOT.ME.NOW

just some flowers lil man and I spotted on our way home
So yeah, I was so happy when we decided to go check out our little town's fall festival {aka Funtober Fest}. Lil man was got himself a few balloons and goodies, got to pain a pumpkin, and then got to march in the children's costume parade. He had a blast! And while I was still on meds from Friday's oral surgery, I managed to enjoy myself and not drool down my chin.

very colorful and very very wet, lol 
I was also excited that I was able to sit down for a bit and work on patching lil man's ripped jeans. Now I don't know about you but if they still fit and can be saved, I'd rather figure out how to than spend the $$ on more jeans. On labor day {while we were on our way to a ball game} I was online and I spotted this cute tutorial on MONSTER MENDING

So that is what I did! 

rockin the jeans
Lil man loves his remixed monster jeans and yeah... RAWR -n- stuff!

my watercolor painting 'Leaves of Fall' and my drawing version (which I did first)
Then today I had to work on a few school projects. I worked on the 2nd & 3rd part of my book mobile for my Children's Lit class {Where The Wild Things Are}... and then on my first real project/ assignment for my watercolor class.

free to make... not bad for my first one
After that I took lil man out to play and began working on a simple project, a SIGN to hang up for HALLOWEEN. I used cardboard from a box, black fabric scraps, orange t-shirt scraps, spider rings, and hot glue. I still think it needs more or SOMETHING, but its cute enough for now and it cost me nothing to make! 


He is not really a clone trooper... so he says.
He is really Luke disguised as a clone trooper...
and yet with all of that he has time to stop and smell the roses. ;)