Saturday, March 5, 2011

How To Make a Cocktail Ring *TUTORIAL*

SO the other night I decided to try out a craft by blogger Little Miss Momma {who I found through Tip Junkie on FB, with a different craft being showcased}. Anyways, I saw LMM's tutorial on LOCKET & DIY RINGS {super cute, but I wanted to twist it to suit my odd taste}. So, I decided to make a few COCKTAIL RINGS

So back to Little Miss Momma's tutorial; I did change mine up just a bit, when it came to the glue and a tiny thing here and there. She suggested using a glue gun and well, I didn't think that for me it would be that sturdy {I'd lose the top in an hour, knowing me}. I went to HOBBY LOBBY {I love that store}.
Anyways, I went to the jewelry making section and found Jewelry & Metal Glue for under $5! I was also able to find the base piece {ring with pad} I would need for each ring {without having to drive 45 minutes out to Michael's in WV}. YAY!
my first made-by-me ring

Jewelry & Metal Glue
Ring with Pad (for the base, and these are adjustable/ hypo-allergenic, different metal looks)
Decorative Metal Charm (for ring top, your taste)
Metal jewelry pliers
Metal filing tool (to smooth where you will clip)
Metal filing tip or something sharp (for scraping)

materials I used
Step 1
Cut off any excess looping from the charm. Most charms have the little one up top or on the top & bottom. They are the easiest to clip off. Some charms have thicker ones which may require a stronger set of pliers. If it looks to be too thick, you may want to skip over that charm for a ring. Also, some charms have the loops underneath (behind) the charm. Those are a little harder to cut off, but it can be done. (I have yet to try out glass charms, but I wouldn't be cutting those anyways).

use pliers to cut off the loops, then file smooth with a metal file
Step 2
Using your metal file (I have one for my jewelry/beading), file off any sharp remains from where you clipped the loop(s) off.

Step 3
Using a metal filing tip (or something sharp) "rough" up the surface of the ring pad (which comes out of the package smooth). This will help your glue to adhere more securely. Do the same to the part of your ring that will touch the base (if it is not already roughed up).

scratch the ring pad to better hold the glue
Step 4
Apply a small amount of the Jewelry & Metal Glue to the base and attach to the charm in the center. Hold in place (without letting your fingers touch the glue) for a few seconds. The glue bonds fast, and strong.

apply glue and press down
 Step 5
Then clean off any excess glue and allow to dry completely.
And... ENJOY!

*NOTE* If your ring does NOT adhere you may have A) not roughed up your adhering sides enough, or B) used too much glue.

Easy Fix- simply wipe the glue off with a damp rag, dry the parts, and do it again. I had to do that with my pink flower ring and the second time it bonded in 15 seconds.

There are different ring bases out there (Ring with Pad). Some are flat topped and some curved. I actually found out that one of the CHARMS I bought had a rounded back, so I will have to go back and pick up a rounded base for that one. They also come in different thickness and metal colors.

You can also add EMBELLISHMENTS to charms, I did that with my silver toned flower {attached a flat bottom pearl to it}.
this smaller charm's back loop is too thick for my tool, so I will need to borrow my hubby's

The BEST part- my most "expensive" made rings will have cost me no more than $6! :) And it took me LESS THAN10 minutes!

  • Jewelry & Metal Glue--- $4.98 at Hobby Lobby (but you will get a lot of ring -or other uses- out of it)
  • Single Ring with Pad--- $1.47 at Hobby Lobby (they sell them by the bag too for less) -- can also buy at Michael's
  • Charm--- between $1.97- $4.25 at Hobby Lobby (Michael's, WM, etc)

Then there are the TOOLS, but I had those already. So you may want to invest in those items.

So here are 5 of MY FINISHED RINGS.

I LOVE BIG RINGS, though they don't have to be this big. I still have some smaller ones to work with, but not until I get back out to Hobby Lobby {country living means waiting}. I'll post those when I finish them.  

You can see where I got my inspiration at Little Miss Momma's Blog and find Laurie, aka Tip Junkie on FB by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Also linking to my good friend & CP, Di, over at The Girl Creative... ((for my first Crafty/ Linky Party: Just Something I Whipped Up)) THANK YOU for your encouragement in starting a blog, and for all your help!


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  1. those are so fun and amazing! I love your spin on the project--and thank you for being so sweet and linking to me! The oval one if my fav--WOW!

  2. Thanks so much Ashley! (I am super excited that you replied to my lil' begining blog) :D

    They were so fun to make and super easy! Yeah, the oval one is my fav so far too... though I am liking that huge pink flower (maybe b/c I am anticipating spring- it snowed here today "joy").

  3. Yay! You linked up successfully. :) Woo hoo!! There are parties all week long so keep linking up. :) On my sidebar is a list of all my favorite parties if you need some guidance on where to link up. :)

  4. Ok, great. :) I was wondering how to find more... Thanks again for all your help!!

  5. What a cute idea! Love the oval one!

    I am stopping by from Sumo's Market Yourself Monday, I would love if you stopped by and checked out my project :)

  6. Why thank you Tanyia! :) I just stopped by to check out your linked project too- its beautiful! :)

  7. these turned out so great!
    looks fabulous.

  8. Thanks Amber! They were so fun and easy to make. :) I will now always have one eye looking for future charms for rings. I still want to try the locket one too, like LMM, but I haven't found a locket I want to use yet. :)

  9. these are all super cute! I love making rings :)

  10. Thanks Rebecca! Me too, now that I know I can. :)

  11. Too cool ... my daughters will love to make these. I just posted a tutorial on making glass charm necklaces and I'm thinking now that I can make my glass charms into RINGS as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Thanks Laurie! :) You'll have to post pics (lmk) when you do it with your girls.

    I will be on my way over to check out your tutorial. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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