About Me

I guess this is the part where I talk ABOUT ME - where my ego is not supposed to puff up or deflate {and that's supposed to be the easy part of blogging???} Hmmm, let's see...
I am a newly single  MOMMY F/T STUDENT {yep, I did it backwards... but its working}. I was working on my BS in ELEMENTARY EDUCATION and Bible at a private Christian University but I have happily made the choice to SWITCH MY MAJOR to ARTS & HUMANITIES with a MINOR in LITERATURE.

I have SEVERAL HOBBIES and INTERESTS {not a "master" of any}. Some of them are: ART, guitar, music, scrap booking (paper & digital), photography, cooking & baking, DRAWING, painting, reading, jewelry making, WRITING, knitting, party planning, general crafting, dance, researching new projects {then trying out the *easier* ones}, and READING to name a few. I like LOTS of things in moderation- to be balanced {or is it because my interests change with my mood}.

Oh, not to forget some RANDOMNESS about ME... I'm a CITY girl who lives in the COUNTRY now {culture shock = yes, but I love the peace MOST of the time}. I miss the BEACH, the big malls, and CITY life but I LOVE the life of 4 SEASONS and the rolling hills here.

I love ORGANIZED chaos, talking {just NOT on the phone, but I do say yes to the TEXT}, SARCASM, shoes, costume jewelry, and CHEESECAKE. I love the unusual and sometimes darker... I have some crazy quirks and phobias. One day want a TEA CUP PUP {which I will pamper and either name Lady or Princess} but for now fish will have to do. Oh, and I am forever 27 YEARS OLD {I wish}. And last but NOT least a CONFESSION... I have a teddy bear named MAMA BEAR who travels with us everywhere {and sometimes sleeps with me}...

I have a NEW BLOG that I have had to create for my PHOTOGRAPHY class {as part of my new major}. You should CHECK.IT.OUT.NOW.

Well, enough about me, I'm CHATTY enough!