Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh Blog... how I have missed you so!

After a crazy semester, and a brief hiatus from blogging... I am going to kick it back into gear. I have missed so many crafty parties, so many posting opportunities, and just so much plain randomness! I am going to try not to play catch up in one post. Just a few highlights!Family life changes...Ginger hair addition... And my semester before my last year of undergrad work has finally come to a close!

me and my new ginger color... and a little editing magic for my photography class!

Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to travel with some friends and other classmates to Grand Rapids, MI to a writer's convention {lil man got to go too!!}. I think this is a great way to jump back in. I will share this amazing trip!

Jonathan's signing!

The convention was called 'Festival of Faith & Writing' and was held at the beautiful Calvin College {seriously, a beautiful school}.  There were a ton of workshops featuring some great SPEAKERS. Our first night there we went to hear Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I made sure that i read his beautifully written novel and watched the movie {which he had a hand in, actively} before we went there. He was great! We were told that he would be doing a signing afterwards, but that due to the amount of people that we would not be given any personalized requests in our books {he would simply sign his name... bummer}. Ah well. We got in line, snapped a few shots of the guys climbing the rock wall {yes, yes we did} and waited to meet this amazing author! My lil man... he is my lucky charm. We got up there and Jonathan started talking to him. Of course my little guy mentions the pretty blonde, Rachel, in our group {his crush}. So then Jonathan asked who should he make the book out to?! ME!!! I blurted my name in a very grateful manner. LOVE!!! :)

yeah, that is my name... and he didn't have to ask how to spell it- BOOYA!

Moving along. I bunked in a 2 story suite with my little guy and I in our private room downstairs and two wonderful friends Jess & Jesse upstairs. Lil man's luck got us the BEST room out of the group. Kachow! We walked around, exploring the area, eating dinner with the majority of the group of girls that went...had some laughs and other fun. And froze a little. It is COLD up there! 

for Hannah

Anyways, the next day we went to a few lectures and readings. I am SO very glad we chose to go see Daniel Nayeri. EXCELLENT speaker, even if I was not in the state of mind for a lecture. I was so excited about his 4 in 1 novella I ran out and bought it right after! Now that classes are over, I am going to be picking up that bad boy and reading it. Also wanted to mention.... this author's coolness factor is seriously off the charts. Not only did he make out my copy of his book to my son {complete with a train drawing}, he also talked to him for about 20 minutes! Seriously, on that alone I will promote this man and his work to no end! Who does that, and with a 5 year old?! GREAT experience for my little guy! 

coolest author EVER!

And then there was the most unforgettably funny poetry reading I have ever been to. EVER. Aaron Belz had the entire room on the edge of their seats, roaring in laughter! Seriously- funny stuff! Afterwards I also bought one of his books, ' Lovely, Raspberry' and he signed it for me. Even if you are not a poetry lover, this small book will have you excited for poetry! Seriously. Read some...NOW

crazy, funny poet

Anyways, the trip was a blast. It was a LONG drive. But well worth the experience for both me and the little guy. 

me and the lil man

Well that will wrap up this RANDOM post... as I jump back into the wonderful world of 'Just Call Me T'. 

one more... look what we found in a vintage postcard book?! Yeah... the 'Hustler' kid looks JUST LIKE MY LIL MAN!!! Including the shirt and hat. Too funny!