Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baseball, Rainy Days, and a Rosette Necklace named Rose

This first month of school has been BUSY! Not only getting used to the little guy in kindergarten {with all that comes along with that}, but also with my classes and assignments. This semester I have to get in 50 hours of pre-teacher work/hands-on observation with the 4th grade teacher I am assigned to {just had my first day yesterday}! I am so excited that I have gotten to read {FOR FUN} in my Children's Literature class, work with a 3rd grade book buddy, make a mobile {I have drafted one for Where the Wild Things Are},  put together a Book Box {I'm thinking Twilight}, and so many more fun projects that will make the harder work fly by!

We did take off for LABOR DAY {schools were closed, of course} and head to Lexington to see an MiLB game {Lexington Legends}. Sadly we didn't stay long b/c of the cold and rain {but we got some cute pics and had fun while we were there!}

He was so excited {and yes, he had his first stadium hotdog!}.

I have no idea who Mercer is... Probably some MiLB player- haha!

I love the wall mural!

He decided he wanted to pitch!

After that we headed to the mall {because who doesn't like that mall?!}.


I wanted to share a necklace I made and am proud of! I stumbled on these in Charming Charlies {MY LOVE OF A STORE}... Anyways, I went home and looked them up  and thought to myself I can make this {or at least try}...

So I started with the rosettes made with a PINK textured material that had a little stretch to it.

I little folding, twisting, hot glue {and burns} later I had 5 different sized rosettes {3 different sizes, really}. Then I glued them together, onto a chain, and a backing made of the same material... and there she is! i will call her ROSE, and she will be mine!

I cannot wait to make a few more colors of her, especially some more fall tones!

Well I am off to practice my watercolor paintings {auditing a class for fun}. So have a great weekend!