Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yet Another Lego Party

Well lil man had his Lego inspired party this past Saturday. I scowerd the internet looking for ideas and came across a few that I just have to share.

First off I purchased Living Locurto's Lego themed printable package. It was a good deal; personalized and I can reuse it for any other parties I throw! 

Then I went to Amazon and ordered a Lego brick ice cube tray LIKE THIS and Lego blocks stackable candies {they tasted like sweet tarts}!

With the ice cube tray, of course I made ice cubes... but I also made chocolate LEGO CANDY BARS and used the napkin holder printable {from the Lego pkg  I mentioned before} and used them to wrap the candies. For the stackable lego candies, I used mini treat bags from Hobby Lobby {best store ever} topped with candy labels I created for party favors.

I also made LEGO MARSHMALLOW POP-HEADS... found HERE. I did  not use regular flavored marshmallows, I used the vanilla/caramel ones. And instead of drawing the faces myself, I set up a table with food markers for the kids to draw there own- then wrap them up to go in their favor bags!
{I had them put together their own favor bags and threw in a minifigure Lego kit}

LEGO WAFER BLOCKS were made with store bought PB chocolate covered wafers. I put drops of frosting on them and then used m&ms to make the Lego tops. Cute, easy, and fun! 

Instead of a cake, I made CUPCAKES using my baker friend's {Becks} recipes. A couple months ago I asked for her to play around with a strawberry cupcake/ cake recipe for me that used real strawberries and that didn't use jello like the ones I kept finding. I would have totally had her make them, but she lives states away so she guided me along. In April I made them for a girl's night out party {as a test run}...

Anyways I made {from scratch} CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, and STRAWBERRY cupcakes. Then I thought I would make my own version of NEAPOLITAN CUPCAKES using the left over batter {and that there was plenty}!

neo cupcake w/ orange icing...
the chocolate ran up through it and man was it yummy!
For the Neo cupcakes I layered them by density... Chocolate on the bottom, then the strawberry, and then the vanilla. THEY WERE SOOOO YUMMY! I topped all the cupcakes with BUTTERCREAM ICING that I also had colored orange & sky blue using Wilton gels. I left some white and then I sprayed some of the white ones yellow {like lego heads} using Wilton's food color spray.|

I purchased a $5 paper cupcake holder by Wilton and decorated it myself {and I am able to reuse it too}. It held 24 cupcakes, and the rest went on a mock Lego box.

I was going to make the PIÑATA but time eluded me, so off the hubbs went to get a festive Mexican made one down the street. :D
The last thing I wanted to share was the LEGO BACKDROP I made for picture taking... I wrapped a TON of different sized boxes. From a huge flat screen box to lil wii remote boxes, I wrapped them up and stacked my blocks. This was fun for the kids to take pics in front of and mess around with.
All in all, we had a great birthday party. Lil man said it was his "bestest" EVER
Happy 5th to our youngest!

Thank you to my friends who helped me decorate & clean up.
And a thank you to all the talent out there offering inspiration for 
LEGO parties!

Side funny pic... this is why I made cupcakes
it was yummy, and we had it at home on his b-day...
but it was NO Lego!

Before I go, I wanted to BRAG on another friend, Sarah. She's a classmate of mine, and a missionary. Anyways, she made this clever card for lil man's birthday {which now sits on my desk at work}.

Thanks for visiting!

(ps, please keep lil man in your prayers as he heals from another surgery... this one is gonna take longer than his tubes last month)

UPDATE: Lil man's surgery went well and he is healing up... though VERY VERY whinny! ;)


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  1. That party turned out SO cute! My son wants a lego party for his 5th birthday, too! I'll definitely be using these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. How fun! You did a great job!

  3. So Cute! What a fun idea! Thanks!

  4. Thank you ladies! It was a lot of fun for him and his friends- he is still talking about it. ;)


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