Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flip-Flops, Pom-Poms, and Flowers

Well, summer is here and so is FLIP-FLOP season {when did it ever REALLY end, anyways}. I am not a flip-flop person unless it has something cute about it, but I could not pass up a try and dressing up some $1 flip-flops I found at Wally World.

I have made several other cute things with fabric pom-poms, so why not try it for my tootsies?

Just gather your MATERIALS:
Fabric of choice
Felt to match
Pins (I used the pins I use to make a fabric brooch)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
and of course, FLIP -FLOPS!

For this one, I used the white flip flops and red and white fabric to match a SUMMER dress I bought. 

I cut out my felt in a circle, the size I wanted {x2}.
Then I cut out a bunch of fabric circles the same size, or just a little over sized {more over-sized if you want big pom-poms}. It is OK if the circles are not perfect.
Then I cut 2 slits in the felt {for the pin top to slide through} and glued the felt to the pin top.
Next, pinch your fabric circles, add hot glue to the tip and {starting at the center of the felt} add your scrunched fabric until it is as fluffy as you want.
Trim anything that looks out of place {to give it a rounded look}.
And pin it through your flip-flop middle!

*you can spray with scotch guard, if you want to water proof it*

I do not feel the the pin, the pin has not come out, my pom-poms are secure, and my $1 flip-flops look super CUTE!
What do you think? And what do you do to spruce up your flip-flops?


On a different note, I am gardening now... FLOWERS that is. I'm not great at the ones already potted at the store, but I can grow a seed! {giggle} I also like to draw and have been drawing flowers here and there... here is a SUNFLOWER I drew {in the stages of progression}

If you're looking for more fun and easy POM-POM ideas you can do yourself...
check these pics out and then head over to my post on how I made them {click on the pics}!

Pom-Pom clips

My first made pom-pom necklace... love it!

And some headbands- one ribbon and leftovers... the other pure pom-pom fun!

THANK YOU for visiting and have a GREAT summer *flopping* around!


  1. Loving the pom poms on the flip flops! So cute and summery!

  2. Thanks Angela! I made a few different colors with the thought of changing them out... but seeing as the flip flops are $1 I decided to buy a few more pairs and just add the pom poms on each of them. :D Made some bigger than these ones too. :D


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