Friday, June 24, 2011

Hanna Flower Necklace

This is my second necklace using the, easy to make, HANNAH FLOWER. Last time I made them I used them with a simple t-shirt necklace {check it out when you get a moment}... 

I wanted to make something that with white {an old t-shirt} but I didn't want to do another pom-pom necklace just yet {I have other fabric for the next pom-pom necklace I am going to do}.

Anyways... I came up with the following, using some easy steps and added some "bling" to it with some pearls and magnetic beads. Took me about 30 minutes!

I  made the flowers just like I did in my OTHER post { when I made the t-shirt necklace}.
I cut the strips about 3 inches thick. After I cut it is was fully attached, so I cut it to make it into a longer strip.
Then I shortened the lengths depending on the size I was going for
{matching two strips up in pairs, to make 4 plus one larger one "the odd man out"}
After that, I twisted it into one long strand and then I folded the TWISTED fabric in half and twisted again
{not too tight, t-shirt material stretches}
Starting that the cut side of the twisted fabric I used the hot glue gun to keep my center in place and wrapped the material around itself, gluing as needed, until I was just out of material and then I glued on that last part with a little underneath.
After all the flowers I wanted were made
{in this case, 5}
I placed them on a piece of white felt
{match your fabric color}
and then when I was happy with it, I glued them in place...
START AT THE MIDDLE and work out but do NOT glue the top outer two flowers yet.
Measure the chain the length you want it, with the flower "bib" and cut. It will just go over your head, so no clasps needed
{but too short and it wont fit}.
Then glue the chain ends on the back, in the middle of the flower and then glue both onto the felt.
Now you want to cut off the extra felt, around your flowers, so that you cannot see it from the front.
After it is cut out, glue any spots that need to be secured
{like where the flowers touch- or it will be too wobbly}.
Using fabric glue
{or the glue gun & glue you just used}
 glue on any beads to the center of your flowers to give it an extra SPARKLE.

And there you have it! 


If you make one, or have something you made using the Hannah flower... please let me know!


Before I go, I thought I'd share this cute little teddy bear with a blanket that I drew. Drawing, when I have the time, relaxes me and stretches me in a good way. Inspired by my friend Di {of The Girl Creative}, when she told me she was pregnant... 

Well, have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend! We are off for another weekend adventure- last week St Louis  and went to the Saint Louis Zoo and to go up the Gateway Arch... this weekend Cincinnati to check out {revisit} the Cincy Museum

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  2. Thank you Ginger! I did, and I am following your blog now too. You have a beautiful family (not that you didn't already know that- lol). :D


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