Friday, July 8, 2011

Earrings & Randomness

Just wanted to say HELLO out there... We've been enjoying our summer, hope you have too! 

Right now, I am just sitting here, on campus, at my desk, looking out the window as the rain pours down and cools off our SUMMER heated hills. 

I have no craft to share today... it has been busy and I have missed my me time- BUT kids time is SO much more fun! This past Saturday I had a couple of friends over {one with her daughter and baby niece} for TEA with my step-daughter. We were celebrating my Eli's birthday, and it also happened to be my friend's daughter's birthday... so we had a girlie day while our men and boys joined forces. I did try my hands at making SCONES and they came out pretty good for a first timer... I will have to post the recipe I used later. 

After tea, we went out to see Monte Carlo and let me just say that it is not every day that I see a good, non-corny {yet appropriate/ family OK'd} movie that is not a cartoon. We loved the movie, though the men folk were spared and themselves enjoyed Cars 2. ;) For the 4th we had a great time at the zoo and then watching the new Transformers movie. The kids loved it, even if we ended up watching the fireworks from the car on our 2 1/2 hour ride home. 

Other than that its been cookouts with friends, water play with the kids, and fire fly catching! 

I do want to share the SUPER CUTE earrings I purchased today from Very Jane

Aren't they cute?! Right now they are on SALE for $4, so I could not pass that up! I bought two; the ruby red and the white pairs and cannot wait for them to find their way to ME!

Well. that is me, my life right now...

But wait... I did want to show my hooker toes off! Well, not really, but what is summer without a pedi! 

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Hope you all have a great Friday... and weekend. :)

My friend, my CP Destiny, sent me this today...
I thought I'd share this as I end this blog post.
God Bless!

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  1. Just wanted to share that I was the WINNER in the mum flower earrings giveaway! :D WOOT WOOT!!!!


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