Friday, March 11, 2011

All This talk of GREEN...

No, I'm NOT talking about the green planet talk, I am talking about St. Patrick's Day {well Ireland mostly}!

So I have never traveled outside of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. True, I have traveled the states, but never been elsewhere. So my hubbs and I were sitting there talking the other night and he was going on an on about his trip to Germany. So I asked him to talk more about the other countries he had been to {even though I know, I just like to hear the stories}. While I know his time in the ARMY helped in making many of those travels a possibility, I still feel sort of left out {I don't know how else to explain it}.

So I was asked the top 3 countries I'd like to visit and well, here they are: Italy, Germany, and Ireland {all 3 are part of my family's background- I'm a mixed pup}.

So GREEN... Where does that fit in?

Oh wow, as I was looking up pictures of Ireland I was just wrapped up in the green of it all! That tops my list, the VAST green of Ireland. Maybe ONE DAY I will have some traveling tales from overseas to share. Till then I have my husband's tales, the Internet, and pics I gather.
All this TALK has me seeing GREEN.

Starting this weekend, I am gonna have at some ST. PATRICK'S DAY inspired yummys and crafts.


  1. Your blog is looking great. :) Thanks for linking up at my parties this week. Woo hoo!! I haven't forgotten about adding a new menu button for you. Remind me next week, okay? xoxo

  2. Thanks sweetie! :) I am enjoying it a LOT! hehe Oh, I didn't think you did... will do and thanks SOOO much! :D

  3. Wow, those are beautiful pictures. Looks like a great place to visit. I soooo want to go to Italy too. My hubby's fam is from there, so it would be so fun to visit. I'm following you back :) Thanks for the visit & comment love!

  4. Yes they are!! This long winter is driving me insane! lol One of my professors is taking a group to Europe for a 12 day tour (travel's of Paul included in part of it)... Italy is on the list of stops. *sigh. I couldn't leave my youngest just yet... even if I did raise the funds for that trip. One day. ;)

    Thank you so much Dacia!


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