Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lemon Sunshine & Irish Cream Filled Cupcakes

First off on a side note... This week has been CRAZY, starting LATE Saturday night and running through Sunday morning. My LIL MAN ended up in the hospital again for his ears. Between his doctor, his ENT, and the ER, the last 2 months have been painful for him and exhausting for us. While he has other medical issues these two months have mainly been his ears, so it looks like tubes {we will find out next week}. I just want my lil man to be better again {no more crying out in pain}. It really is {IMO} one of the hardest things a parent can emotionally face- when their child is in pain {little or big} and you can only hold them, pray over them, and give them medicine, to comfort them. Well, it has been a long week and it is coming to an end. Lil man's meds are working, though he hates all of them. So for a treat we have decided to take him out to the movies tomorrow {either Nomeo or Rango, he will choose}
So at least we will end the week on a HAPPY NOTE

Another happy note, well for me baking wise, is that my sweet baker friend and CRAZY PRINCESS sister Becks has hooked me up with two of her yummy recipes for cupcakes I am wanting to make for my lil man's 5th BIRTHDAY {and she is playing around with another for me}. I would TOTALLY have her do the baking, but sadly we live too far away for that. I wanted to do them from scratch {like my frosting} but I wanted something a bit more dense, yet moist and pudding-like. IMO, box mix does NOT do that {even with the pudding mix kind} and I want my cupcakes to hold filling better than the ones I will talk about in a minute. Well, I will be testing them out soon enough as a few friends have decided to join me in having a BAKING night on our college campus for a few ladies! {yay}

Anyways... onto the post title stuff. haha

So I wanted to try out my Wilton filling tip and well, I wanted something yummy to eat and share too. I decided to make a vanilla CAKE {box kind} and play around. 

My first batch was turned into {what I will call} IRISH CREAM CUPCAKES. I didn't have any one me and we live in a dry county {yep, shocked me when I found out they still exist! lol}. So instead of doing a 45 minute run, I decided to use Irish cream CREAMER. I used it in my homemade BUTTERCREAM frosting, instead of the milk. It came out perfect consistency wise though it was very VERY rich with flavor {next time I will use 1/2 the amount and the other half cream}. I liked it, but since I both filled the cupcake with it and topped it with it, it was a tad over kill. {haha} Part of LEARNING. I'd probably liked it filled with CHOCOLATE too.

They do look pretty though! :D

Now this second batch {what I am calling} was made into LEMON SUNSHINE CUPCAKES {lemon filled, CREAM CHEESE FROSTING topped}. I made the frosting a little runnier than usual, because I wanted it to have a poured look to it. It was filled with a lemon filling, topped with the cream cheese frosting, and sprinkled with blue sprinkles {lil man picked them out}. They were SO YUMMY

The one thing I noticed was that they were too light and fluffy for the filling, which is why I called on my friend Becks to help me. Now they didn't crumble, but they could hold the filling better and besides I really want to bake from SCRATCH

Sunshine peeking through the middle!
Well, that is my sharing for the week. I feel a bit off since I didn't CREATE much this week, other than classwork but my baby is getting better and that is what matters most right now. 

Have a BLESSED Friday everyone! 


  1. OH my gosh. Those cupcakes look devine. Seriously. There's nothing I like better than a yummy cupcake!! I'm sorry to hear your little man is sick too- sounds like he's struggling more than mine. :/ Hope he gets to feeling better- good idea on taking him to a movie as a special treat :). Thanks for the sweet comment- I'm glad it let me to your blog. I'll be following you too :)

  2. Hi stopping by from Friday blog hop
    Those look so yummy!

  3. Kelsey, thank you! :D Oh I am in love with cupcakes and cakeballs, though cheesecake is my fav. He's had 5 ear infections in less than two months- crazy. I have to get to work to get my hours so we can take him out later. He loves the movies (and well now his ear aches have calmed to the point of not hurting him with the movie sounds). Thanks so much and have a great weeekend!

    Thank you, Valery!


  4. I have got to make some lemon cupcakes. Gosh. Those irish cream cupcakes looked yummy too!


  5. Oh yum yum yum. All cupcakes look delicious!!
    Come see me at

    ~new follower~

  6. Thanks Cris. :) They were so light with a light tang. YUM! The Irish ones were good too, but next time I would either nix the filling or do a chocolate filling and cut back on the cream to 2 tbs instead of 3.

    Thank you so much Lyuba!

  7. Theses cupcakes are amazing....Thx you for your sweet comment...Luvin your blog and I'm following you now :) can't wait to see future post from you

    Xoxo Andrea


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