Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Chick and Bunny

Obviously I had NO idea what to name this blog POST. {lol}

This week we have been SUPER busy; with classes -yes... but mainly with our lil man. So lately lil man has been having a BAD time with his ears... and Monday we went back to the ENT to have him look the lil guy over and are now scheduled for minor SURGERY on Friday {a bilateral myringotomy with PE tube placement... basically ventilation tubes in both ears}. We're PRAYING this will put an end to his chronic ear infections and fluid problems- not to mention the horrible pain he has been in. :/ 

There is lil man... he wanted to work on his own Easter colorings!

Well anyways... As I have said before I am a f/t college student, but I am also a work study for our school's registrar's office and work with the academic office too. I love that I have been asked to keep up with the bulletins. Occasionally I won't do them {lack of time, or someone else had an idea where I did not}. I LOVE doing them and documenting them so that when I have my own classroom I will be able to tweak and reuse my ideas. So this week I started working on one of the two bulletins for Easter. I want to do one all cute-like and one with a Christian message {I have not started on that one yet}.

So here are my little EASTER chick and bunny characters that I plan on putting up. Yes, I do like to add different texture and play around with the boards. These lil guys were so cute to make and while the chick has this fun texture the bunny's fur is super soft {I like to pet the bunny - lol}.

I got the template off of TIP JUNKIE and then enlarged it & tweaked it for what I wanted... 

I love them and want to make 2 more for our HOME!

Now I have some basic bunny and egg shapes to work with for the same bulletin... {Hmmmmmm}

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  1. These are too cute! How fun! My little boy has lots of ear infections/fluid problems as well and is having tubes put in and his adnoids out on Wednesday! I'm kinda hoping it will be a fix-all! :) I hate when they don't feel good. Hope your little man gets better soon!

  2. Thank you Tori. :) They were so fun to make!

    He is doing much better and already we are seeing a difference in his response time (he can hear us soooo much better now). Just a little normal things with his ears healing, but he is happy now jumping around. lol Praying your little guy's procedure goes good too- and for your nerves (idk about you but even with a minor surgery I was a bit nervous and so was my hubby who is rarely nervous). Thank you for visiting!


  3. These are so cute!! Hope your little guy is doing well! :)

  4. How did you make the yellow fluff?

  5. Thank you Jenn, he is doing MUCH better! :)

    NaDell, I just tore up yellow tissue paper then rolled it and stuck it on with elmer's glue! SUPER easy and it really didn't take that long.



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