Monday, March 7, 2011

New Beginnings

What a weekend! After creating my first tutorial I was encouraged to start blogging, by my friend Di at The Girl Creative. So... that's just what I did {well, what I am starting up}. I didn't realize how much WORK goes into just starting a good BLOG up {props to all you who have been at it for sometime}. I am so HAPPY with how my layout and design is coming along and I am really enjoying this! Yes, I have an older blog, but that was for a school project so it was harder creative wise, and I didn't promote it before because it was a project for my Education Technology class. That blog is education based, as I prepare to go into the world of teaching k-5th. But this one, oh THIS ONE, will be my creative getaway filled with RANDOMNESS, crafts, and more. It's so freeing {well, in my opinion it is}.

for my CPs
So a weekend of new beginnings... my NEW blog {Just Call me "T"} is now up and starting to run. But not only that, my husband was asked to come to a CHURCH to preach this past Sunday. It's an hour away, but that is not too bad considering where we live. He just graduated with his ungergrad in December and has been looking for a church, while being careful not to disrupt my EDUCATION {we are both older, non-traditional college students- and that is a story all of its own}. Anyways, what a cute little church {the people were so real, so welcoming, and my 4 year old was SUPER excited to be there- as were we}. Now this may just be a temporary thing, while they seek out what they are going to do about filling that position, but that is not in my head right now. I am just THRILLED about this change, and that they want my husband and our family to come back next week. How exciting! {looking for a pastoral position in the Christian Church is a lot harder than you'd think, especially if you are a blended family like we are}.

And now to finish up my weekend of new beginnings... I am coloring MY HAIR with a new product! {oh yeah, I do it myself- hard to find a good salon up here that wont send me into as much debt as my college loans} I have used Clairol for some time but have been seeing commercials for John Frieda's FOAM coloring system, so I thought I'd give it a try {coloring it as I type}. While I can't comment on the outcome, I do have to say this product is really EASY to use and so much more home friendly that the liquid stuff I have used for years {just hope it colors my stubborn greys- yep, have had them since I was 19}.

Well, I need to wrap this up. This week my hubby is in his master's classroom for Ethics... So I am holding the fort down with the LIL MAN and need to get him ready for Pre-K. Hope you all have a great week. I cannot wait to post more on here and check out the CREATIVE blog WORLD.


  1. Thanks for the follow :) Right back at ya!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I know all about the pastors wife thing! I am married to a pastor and we are Southern Baptist. It's an adventure to say the least but I love supporting him and being involved in the church.

  3. Thanks for the follow too Tanyia! :)

    You're welcome Sarah. Yes, I am new to the pastor's wife role (seeing as he has just graduated). We have both been involved in ministry for years, but this is different. I was so excited to see him preach on Sunday. :) Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Thanks for your visit and nice comments. Your blog is great!

  5. Thank you Donene. :) I'm just starting out and looking forward to it!


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