Monday, March 14, 2011

Evolution of A Rose

Last semester I woke up my DRAWING love, after a year or so of SLUMBER, with a drawing class on campus. I was so excited to get new materials and new ideas to work with. Sadly, this semester I had to drop my painting class because it conflicted with my education classes on Mondays {and would have given me NO extra time on Mondays}.

Well lately I have been playing around, sketching, and decided to draw some FLOWERS {because SPRING is on my mind}.

So late Friday night {when I couldn't sleep} I stayed up for almost 2 hours and began MY ROSE... I finished her up on Saturday morning.

So, what do you think?

I love drawing nature {like my husband said, it's more forgiving} but also I LOVE that it just flows freely.

Yesterday I started my sunflower... I'll have to share that another day, as well as some of my other pieces.

Now I just need to keep my eyes open to some NATURAL goodies outside to bring in and set up for a next piece that I have in mind. :D

Have a GREAT week!

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